Little v. Riddell

Once again, tragedy has struck a high school football player.  This tackle play was typical and unexceptional, and clearly not a high speed event, the only explanation for this tragedy is that Nat Little's safety equipment failed him - his Riddell VSR-4 Helmet.


Finlayson-Goff v. AGV

Karen Finlayson-Goff was wearing her AGV Basic Rider motorcycle helmet for protection but the helmet failed to protect her head as designed.


Polowski v GM

How does a Oldsmobile Bravada go up in flames after a low speed frontal impact and trap an occupant from getting out of a burning vehicle?  A design defect in the master cylinder and window sill beam.

Hardeman v. GM

Twenty-six year old Shequila James-Hardeman is the latest victim of the defendant General Motors Corporation's negligent and defective design of the S/T Light Trucks and SUVs...

Busa v Ford

On April 4, 2003, at around 6:30 PM,  John Busa was driving his 1995 Ford Taurus from work to his gym to work out, when tragedy befell him.

Pursell v VW

How does a belted rear middle seat occupant become catastrophically injuried in a frontal crash when the other unbelted occupants suffer no serious injuries?  The lack of an anti-submarining ramp in the rear seat of a 1992 VW Jetta.

Mitchell v Riddell

How does a routine tackle of a 15 year old high school football player leave him paralyzed from the neck down? An unsafe/defective design of the Riddell football helmet he was wearing...

Gaudio v Ford

Did you know that a driver could be essentially decapitated if he is too close to a deploying air bag in an 11 mph frontal impact?  FORD DID.

View Appeal Opinion by Judge Donohue
View Appeal Opinion by Judge Fitzgerald

Hervey v VW

Plaintiff Stacy Hervey was headed westbound on Interstate 8 in San Diego, driving her 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, when a white pickup truck passed Stacy’s vehicle and then suddenly veered into her lane of travel...

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