Auto Accidents Arizona

Auto accidents are complex. In a split second, victims can suffer property damage, pain and suffering, and even death. Your life, a loved one, or that of a stranger could be altered forever.

Now what?

A knowledgeable auto accident attorney in your corner will be the best decision you can make. Don't automatically assume that your insurance company will have your best interest at heart. Pennsylvania is a no-fault insurance state while Arizona is not.

The role of a personal injury lawyer also known as a plaintiff lawyer is to review and evaluate cases to determine the larger problem, the negligence, the carelessness. Extensive research will be readied as well as retaining experts in their field (engineers, scientists, and doctors) for consultation.

Insurance adjusters put a lot of pressure on auto accident victims. Insurance adjusters may offer you far less than your vehicle is worth. Insurance adjusters may delay the process of paying for your car because they know you are feeling a financial pinch from paying for the car rental yourself.

The causes of auto accidents are not always clear cut. Bad weather, mechanical failure, distracted drivers, drunk drivers, poorly maintained roads, speeding, inadequate road signage, failure to maintain a vehicle, and faulty parts are some of the reasons auto accidents happen.

When chaos surrounds you, it's advisable to contact a law firm to collect evidence while there is still evidence. And just because a police report says one thing, a good lawyer will do his own investigation using his own experts.

Can you afford to hire a personal injury lawyer for your auto accident?

Yes, but ensure your auto accident lawyer will advance all the costs of your lawsuit such as lawyers' time, expert witness fees, and an administrative staff to process paperwork, court fees, and more.

What are your auto accident rights? Contact Attorney Larry Coben to determine how a lawyer in your corner after an auto accident can help.

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